…We could listen to violinist Wolftang David and the argentine pianist Lorena Eckell. She contributed in a brillant way through her artistic view, a top quality piano/pianistic formation.

Juan Carlos Montero, Diario La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lorena Eckell showed, besides an impressive and polishedtechnique, the ability to adapt herself to the concept and messagethat the composer wanted to convey through his work. (WorldPremiere of the Concerto for piano and orchestra by Marius Herea.Ploiesti Romania)

Andreea Glont, Actualitatea Prahoveana, Ploiesti, Rumania

MARIUS HEREA about Lorena Eckell: Her capacities are unlimited. I am proud that it was her who achieved the very world premiere of my Concertino along with maestro Balan - which was an unforgettable event- and working with her stimulated me to start extending my piece.Complex and charismatic Argentine musician Lorena Eckell - who has a very different personality and musicianship than Martha Argerich - is following her compatriot's way towards a well deserved world-wide fame.

Marius Herea´s opinion about the selection of Lorena to perform the World Premiere of his concertino

...Lorena Eckell has shown her talent with the brilliant performance of the piano concerto N°3...

El Diario de Hoy, El Salvador

A luxurious and exceptional performance in the elegance with which she highlighted the rhythm. The indicated performer: virtuosityand daring. (15vo. Beethoven International Piano Festival,Monterrey, Mexico)

Jessica Castañeda, Diario El Norte, Monterrey, México

Lorena Eckell wants to deepen and find hidden details in everywork every time she performances. (15vo. Beethoven International Piano Festival, Monterrey, Mexico)

Jessica Castañeda, Diario El Norte, Monterrey, México

The end of the concert was spectacular. (...) The audience had tostand up to return to the pianist a little of what she had offered. (15th. Beethoven International Piano Festival, based Torreon,Mexico)

Karla Lobato Huerta, Diario La opinión. Torreón, México

The skill and ingenuity/inventiveness were clear, (...) demonstrating why she has earned a well-deserved recognition around the world.

Martin Wullich, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

For today´s concert in Eutherpe Hall, Lorena Eckell has chosen a repertoire that includes Berg and Chopin. The argentine pianist is considered for the specialized critic as one of the most promising young pianist of Latin America.

El Diario de León, España

Lorena Eckell has shown an outstanding technique and has overwhelmed the audience with her refined style and exquisite performance.

Silvia Esther Villalba, Diario Norte, Chaco, Argentina

Lorena is an artist of an excellent technique, with great inventiveness and very personal in her interpretations.

Pia Sebastiani, famous argentine pianist and teacher of great international trajectory

I listened to Lorena´s cd and I was impressed by her excellent way of playing and her Tochè in every phrase. They have an admirable fineness.

Jose Bragato, official arranger and copist of Astor Piazzolla